How I got my Ex Girlfriend during the Carolina Fest

July 26th, 2014

So this year something really big happened in my life! As you know the Carolina Fest just concluded. This is has been perhaps the best of my life. I have been going there since I was a little kid, and after I met Catherine, My girlfriend whom I met in 2012, we have both have gone there ever since. So we had a terrible spat in February, which is supposedly the most romantic month. And to be honest with this year has been very tough on me, and after the break up I was going through a bad phase, a real bad phase.

Anyhow, I soon picked myself up and decided to patch things up with Catherine. She was reluctant at first but soon she also started to think about it. I read a lot online to get my ex girlfriend back, this website proved to be helpful! So We finally decided to go the the fest in respect of the tradition we have and there I turned it all around! ;)

Carolina Fest My ex girlfriend

The reason that you arrived at this page is that your male ego has been shattered and the very first thing you believed your ex will do when she dumped you was that she would call you in a couple of hours and ask you to make up once more. So you thought you will play tough and decided not to call her up, in hope that this will aggravate her pain. When you finally called her and she didn’t respond and you heard the most devastating words “Leave Me Alone”. Your heart has been left shattered from that moment on!

Begin by recognizing exactly what scenarios make you feel envious and how you normally react. Your low self-confidence may have started due to the fact that of the break up and are afraid linked with it. Recognize that you are great enough and even when you mess up it is just a chance to find out something brand-new.

Be mindful to not ever over evaluate things, merely because over analyzing can in fact avoid you from acting the correct method whenever you are racking your brains on “how to get your ex girlfriend back”. The finest way to get your ex sweetheart back is not to act desperate.

Be truthful about how you feel, within reason. Do not inform her what she could have done wrong in the relationship. Instead, focus on you. Let her know that you’ve thought a lot about where things failed, and show her all the methods in which you’ve altered. Tell her how you’ve become more patient, more forgiving, more aware of your very own imperfections, and be sure to back it up with action. If you say you’ve ended up being more flexible, be able to show her that you’re not as quick to mention other individuals’ faults.

So this briefly summarizes my story and how I did something that once seemed impossible. You can take tips from this or check out the website I shared, Lawrence has made something really valuable. All the best!


Become a better Event Designer – 5 ways to improve

June 6th, 2014

This post was brought to you by BigdayPlanners which is a wedding planning firm in delhi.

Event designing is all about being creative. If you’re creative, you have your own independent ideas and you can bring them to reality, you have in you to become an event designer.

Practice makes a man perfect

Its all about practicing your art of being creative. At times you might have off days, but you’ll better yourself the more you practice. While there might a lot of first-dones initially, but once you’ll be experienced, you’ll understand how well you can handle situations and you’ll have more ideas to bring your creativity to reality.

Initially, you might not be able to as well as other experienced designers can, but you’ll soon enter the league with some practice. You’ll then be able to recommend good colour palettes, creating inspiration boards, etc.

The best thing about event designing is that there are no fixed rules. Some of your ideas might be the best for some set of clients however the same ideas might not be liked by others. So, there is no room to be disappointed about any criticism, you have to have a big heart.


5 ways by which you can flex your creativity muscle

  1. Make use of holidays – Your home is your best canvas, especially on holidays. Try to make something out of nothing, try different colour combinations in different rooms, design a table the way you have never designed before and try to evaluate your own work. On every weekend, you’ll then be able to create something new, at times you’ll like your work, at times you wont. This practice however will make you quick when you’ll have to perform it in real.
  2. Photo shoots – In order to boost your business and to remember some of the better stuff you have done, start having photoshoots of some of the coolest designs you have ever made. While photoshoots might get costlier and tougher with models, you can initially have shots of tables or any other décor items that you have done. The same will also allow you to show your clients your previous work.
  3. Read – It is important for you to be updated with what other designers are doing throughout the world. Reading will give you more ideas. There are a lot of magazines around that can be read.
  4. Notice – Once you’re out, keep your mind open to ideas, whether it be at restaurants, hotels or bakeries.
  5. Ambience – At a lot of occasions, you should understand things that create ambience, like music, intensity of light, chairs etc. Use the same to your rescue as props when doing designing for someone.


5 Browser Extensions to Improve social media marketing –

May 22nd, 2014

If you’re someone looking for browser based tools and are very active on social media, there are a number of options you can use to keep yourself updated.

After having reading this article, you’d know 5 web apps and extensions that will enable your browser to handle your social media expectations at will.

First and foremost; What’s the need of web browser apps and extensions?

Browsers are very capable and using certain set of tools makes them run perfectly the way you want them to run. They offer bespoke apps to handle your social media needs well.

While Chrome is the most widely used browser, it is one of those platforms that is developing at a fast pace. On the other hand, browsers like Safari, Firefox and Opera are also decently equipped.

Back to the 5 web apps then, here are they:

  1. Instagram for browser

    Accept it, Instagram is very tough to operate from your smartphone, even if you have the official app installed. However, there’s a better way to use Instagram, even on your desktop, by installing third party Instagram extension for Chrome.

    What it does is, it makes using Instagram relatively easy, by accessing it from the right hand side of your browser. You can view notifications and remain active there without even logging in and out again and again.

  2. Use of GIFs

    From the extension of your browser, you can search entire Giphy archive instantly. You just have to click the extension and trending GIFs will be there at your disposal. All you need to do here is then select the best GIF for you and share it in your Tweet. This tip has been submitted by vine marketing folks at followercart.

  3. Customizing saved links

    We all know Bitly is used for shortening links. But it adds more value than that as you can save links as Bitmarks and even organize them, you can even get real time stats!

  4. Scheduling

    Buffer is one great app that automates and connects apps wonderfully well. It is so good that it gives your browser a pro-edge.
    What it does is, it can post a certain content on all your social media channels as and when you desire. With its auto posting, you can remain tension-free that your social media account will be handled well at times when most people are active.
    After you install Buffer in your browser, just click on its logo and select that social media apps you want to post to, and it does it for you.

  5. Analyzing Twitter profiles

    Riffle is a great Twitter analytics app. There’s no tool that can show you your profile’s Twitter performance. It is so detailed, you’ll get to know real-time stats and engagements.
    It makes using Twitter so quick and also offers advice to improve your Twitter handle.

These are all the social media tools that are a must-have if you’re a social media buff. With these, you can not only schedule your social media posts but also get analytics and see real-time stats.

Hostgator VPS Coupon Codes 2014 by NextbigCoupon

May 22nd, 2014

Hostgator VPS and Dedicated server coupon codes can save you a lot of money if you choose to go with long term plans.Hostgator Coupon

On my last purchase, I bought around 2 years of Snappy VPS plan and ended up saving around $550 on my purchase. So, even though a 25% coupon code like MaxVPSDiscounter doesn’t look much when you’re buying hosting for 2-3 months but it can make a big dent in your bottom line over a span of 2-3 years.



How to install MX player for PC

May 13th, 2014

There are loads of applications available in Google Play store, MX player is another very powerful and popular application available, MX player allows user to view high definition videos which are not compatible with the built in video player you get when you buy your phone.

See how to use whatsapp on pc at

MX player is a very useful application, it is the best video player available, everyone has MX player installed on their devices as the application is really popular, every smart phone user uses MX player instead of using the inbuilt video player available on their device.


MX player runs on low end devices as well as high end devices, the player plays videos on low end devices smoothly without any lag and on high end devices the player boosts the videos, hence this is the best part of MX player and this is the reason why MX player is so popular as the player is compatible with every device.

The player allows multi player decoding, that is the player’s performance in dual-core devices is 70% better than single core devices, also you can insert subtitles while watching any of your favorite movie, another very cool feature of using MX player is its pinch to zoom feature that is you can zoom the running video, if your subtitles are not clear you can edit your subtitles by by editing their size, font and even adding an outline to the text, also the player supports .MKV, .WOBF, .MP4, and 720 p high quality videos without any lags and it supports subtitle formats of .srt, .ssa/.ass, .smi etc .

You can download and install this application for free, without spending even a single penny, but yes the player pops up some advertisements in between but yes I think you can compromise this much.

The application is not officially available for PC but yes again we can use Bluestacks for installing this cool application on our PC.

You can follow the given simple steps for installing the application on your PC:

1)      Download Bluestacks according to your operating system.

2)      After downloading Bluestacks, install it on your PC and after finishing the installation reboot your PC.

3)      Once you have restarted your PC, open Bluestacks from the desktop icon.

4)      Search “MX player” on your right side top bar.

5)      Now click on the install button

6)      The application MX player will be downloaded and installed on your PC.

7)      The application is ready and now you can play your movies and enjoy using the application.

By following this method, you can easily install this amazing music application on your PC.


Thanks for reading.